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Living in West Adams, LA

street sign for west Adams boulevard

While not officially in the West Adams District of LA, apartments at ARQ are right next door, just a couple of minutes away by car and less than 20 minutes on foot. With its rich past, historic homes, and thriving commercial strips, it’s easy to see why West Adams is a favorite destination for ARQ residents.

Where is West Adams, Los Angeles?
Just south of Interstate 10 (also known as the Santa Monica Highway), West Adams is bordered by Culver City to the west, Jefferson Park and Leimert Park to the east, and Baldwin Hills to the south. Santa Monica, downtown LA, and several LA beaches are about 30 minutes away, and you can be at the airport in about 20 minutes.

What is the history of West Adams, Los Angeles?
Considered LA’s first suburb, West Adams was created in 1902 by Henry E. Huntington, cofounder of the Pacific Railway Company, and Hulett C. Merritt, a Pasadena industrialist. In the early years, the neighborhood attracted wealthy residents like oil tycoons and Hollywood big-wigs. When those early residents eventually moved to newer neighborhoods like Beverly Hills and Hollywood, wealthy Black residents moved in, transforming West Adams into a hub of Black life in LA (Ray Charles and Little Richard were just two of the many prominent Black residents of the neighborhood).

Although a portion of the neighborhood was destroyed when the Santa Monica Freeway was developed, West Adams is still home to a large number of historic houses, ranging in style from Craftsman and Beaux-Arts to Victorian and Queen Anne.

Living in West Adams, Los Angeles
This is an exciting time to live in (or near, in ARQ’s case) West Adams! Thanks to Metro’s E Line making it even more accessible, the historic LA neighborhood has recently undergone a resurgence, bringing in not just new residents but also new shops, restaurants, and bars. Start with a stroll along West Adams Boulevard and Jefferson Boulevard, and be sure to check out the neighborhood’s farmer’s markets.